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3 Unique Features Your Current Restaurant Paging System May Not Have

If your restaurant has been using the same restaurant paging system for years, it may be time to take a closer look at the latest features available in modern systems. Innovative technology is constantly being revised and updated in this area to the benefit of restaurants and their customers. The newest features may help your team to save time and effort, and it may help you to provide a better overall experience to your customers. These are three unique features to look for in your next restaurant paging system.

Keeping Guests Informed of Their Wait Status
The most innovative way to manage a wait list is through a text messaging application. This is a computerized system that will be managed by your host team through well-designed and easy-to-use software, and it can notify guests of changes to their wait status. For example, some of the most innovative software programs available tell guests how many people are ahead of them in line on a real-time basis, and they also give guests an accurate idea of how long their current wait time is. This drastically improves the customer experience, and it may also free up your host staff’s time by eliminating the need for guests to frequently visit the host stand to check on their status.

The Ability to Customize Messages to Guests
Through this innovative restaurant paging software, you may be able to create customized messages to individual guests, and some programs even enable the guests to text messages back to the host for further clarification or for other needs. This allows your restaurant to give each guest more personalized service while also showcasing the spirit and personality of the restaurant.

Tell Guests When to Come Back
If your restaurant has a lengthy wait time, some guests may choose to venture away from the restaurant to run errands, to shop at neighboring stores or to complete other tasks. Many paging devices require patrons to remain within a certain proximity of the restaurant, but text messages can be sent to patrons regardless of their location. This minimizes the number of no-shows your restaurant contends with, and it also enhances the overall customer experience.

Innovative features available in the most advanced restaurant paging systems can be used to improve your ability to serve your customers, improve productivity of your host team and more. Because this type of restaurant paging system does not require the financial investment of expensive paging devices, it may be cost-effective to implement. Take time to explore features of new paging systems today to determine if now is the right time for your restaurant to make an upgrade.

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