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6 Useful Tips to Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring

When penguins fall in love, it is said that the male penguin searches the entire beach to find the perfect pebble to give her. It finds the smoothest, most perfect one as his present.
If a penguin can be so good at romance, so can we, right?

Women dream of their wedding, proposal and engagement right from their childhood. So, as a man who loves her, getting the perfect engagement ring for her is mandatory. But most men are clueless when it comes to shopping and purchasing the right stuff. So, here’s a small list of tips to help these clueless men to amaze their girls with the best rings.

1. Decide your budget

There’s an unsaid rule which says that an engagement ring should cost around 2 months’ of the groom’s salary. Not all women expect this. Most women like men with no debts. The first step is choosing a budget that would help you buy a decent ring. Not everyone can afford expensive rings, so choose the best ring for your budget.

2. The 4 C’s

There are 4 C’s to consider when buying a diamond ring – Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity.
Making a wrong cut will lessen the sparkle and brilliance of your diamond. So, perfect cuts have to be ensured.
The most flawless color of a diamond is white, which is basically colorless. This is the most expensive and classified as high grades. There are also diamonds with subtle colors which can be chosen, depending on her taste.
When looked through magnifying lenses, diamonds tend to display some small clouds or feathers which are nature’s footprints. These are usually not visible to the naked eye and need not necessarily be seen as flaws.
Carat is the measure of the weight and size of your diamond. Engagement rings are usually either half a carat or one carat.

3. Choosing the right shape

Choosing the right shape is more important than the 4 C’s. Shapes can be round, oval, princess, marquise and heart shape. Check out all of these shapes before deciding the one that she will like.

4. Where to Buy

Get recommendations from friends or family on where to buy the ring. Make sure that the store has industry affiliation and good return policy. There are a number of renowned stores that offer reliable rings. Don’t just buy the ring in the cheapest store. You are spending so much money on this, might as well be on a good quality ring.

Alternatively, you can also purchase engagement rings from a wholesaler. Wholesalers often have a large selection of diamonds to choose from and are cheaper than traditional jewellery stores.

5. Picking the right ring

If you are unsure about the type of ring that she will like or confused by the number of options available at the store, the best idea is to take her out for ring shopping. But if you’re more into surprising her with the perfect ring, take clues from the jewelry she already possesses. Some girls like vintage, while others like classic pieces. Most women tend to have a particular style and once you have figured out her taste, shopping for the right ring becomes easier.

6. Get It Certified

If you purchase diamonds for one carat or more, a diamond-grading report is issued by gemological organizations. This adds value to the ring.

Shopping for the engagement ring might be difficult and stressful, but just remember that the smile and excitement on her face when she sees it will make all the hard work worth it. Happy Shopping!

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