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Benefits of Industrial Filter Bags

Most companies overlook the importance of industrial bag filters in the production process. Others know the benefits but have not taken the initiative to introduce these bag filters in their premises. They don’t know that the longer the wait, the higher the risks of exposing employees to harmful chemicals. Here are benefits of using bag filters in comparison to other types of industrial filters.

They lower pollution in a ventilation system

Industrial bags are more effective in reducing pollution levels in a ventilation system than other filters. Companies using equipment that discharge hot gasses find filter bags more than necessary. The bags prevent the pollutants from moving out of the filtering system and into the atmosphere. They provide a reliable option for systems that prevent hot gasses from escaping under a controlled environment.

They lower amount of dust escaping into the atmosphere in cement factories

Cement factories have equipment that emit a lot of dust with dangerous levels of toxins and pollutants. Most of these pollutants are carcinogenic. They are numerous in cement waste and can take a toll on the health of people living near the factory. The equipment also expose the workers to these harmful substances. Industrial bags filters decrease the amount of dust and gasses that escape to the atmosphere. This in turn increases the lifespan of everyone who is in the vicinity.

They filter dangerous particles and diseases

The fact that filter bags can protect workers against harmful airborne diseases and chemicals make them the number one choice for industries. Filter bags typically trap potentially harmful chemicals and keep them from spreading out of the factory. For maximum protection, companies must have a well-built and reliable bag filtration system.

They can trap gas particles that come from gas flow

Gas filters can also catch particles that pass through a gas flow. They serve two purposes by collecting and disposing particles. The bag should be checked regularly because it can be filled with debris, and this can reduce its efficiency. If it is filled up, it just needs to be removed and replaced with a new one.

Taking care of industrial bag filters

Take care of the bags on a regular basis so that they can serve you well. Install smart controllers to reduce pulsing during cleaning. Pulsing often causes wastage of energy and premature deterioration of the bags. Smart controllers reduce pulsing and monitor the overall performance of the system. They also allow you to save more energy and money. Above all, periodic maintenance is essential. It helps you to maximize the utilization of the medium before it spoils beyond repair. Regular maintenance will also reduce the safety hazards, minimize net operating costs and identify potential problems. Before you use a filter bag, ensure you comply with the environmental regulations. The experts at Fil-Trek are capable of providing you with further information.

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