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Tips on Creating the Perfect Product Roadmap

Roadmap software has hit companies and corporations by storm due to clean design and efficient manner of delivering information. Presentations that would normally be done through several different boards with the hope of memorizing the information have taken a drastic turn toward something much more effective: product roadmaps.


Product roadmaps grant the ability to deliver the need to know information in a well structured and easy to understand presentation. Now that you know exactly what the software is capable of lets discuss a few tips on creating the perfect product roadmap:

Consider Your Project Strategy Closely

Every product has a few core components that need to be outlined properly, these are:

It’s essential that you take these core areas and connect them to one another to show how they build off one another. The more you tie these factors together the easier it will be to come up with new goals and define a strategy toward achieving them.

Consider What Information You Are Sharing to Whom

You should take the time to make separate roadmaps for product lines based on the interest of the party you are presenting to. Sure, this will take a little extra time, but doing it any other way would hinder the potential the presentation could have had.


If you are presenting to customers they are going to want flair, new features, and things of that nature. If you are presenting the roadmap to investors and stakeholders the roadmap should be more geared around goals and how the goals will be reached.


These are two different thought processes and you need to curve the roadmap to generate appeal for each party.

Consider What Information You Are Releasing

This sounds as though it’s the same as the above mention, but it isn’t. When referencing the information you are going to release it comes down to what information should be internalized and kept solely for the company, and what information you want to put out there in the public eye.


This can be tricky and will have to be decided on a company-to-company basis, the last position you want to create is giving dates for releases and not coming through for the customer. Or having new features that you promised by x date and realize to complete other company goals it simply isn’t possible. It’s for this reason that you have to truly consider what you want to put out there.

Collect This Information and Deliver it

When you collect all of this information and analyze what the best options are for your company it will become that much easier to present. For customers you can, in a very personable manner, explain why you don’t like to place dates on releases or features because of random possibilities that could postpone and keeping them happy is the top of your priority.


From the stakeholder point of view it’s all about company vision, goals, and products that make sense to the two.


Roadmaps are one of the very best tools of technology in business America. If you haven’t put it to work for you yet, this is the time to start.

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