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Tips on How to Accomplish a Makeover

There are times in life where there is no other way of putting it: we get bored. We get bored with out jobs, the casual routine of day to day, and even get bored with how we look. Unfortunately, many of these things we don’t have complete control over, but there is one that we do: how we look.


You guessed it, this article is about ways to change your look and create something new and exciting in your day-to-day life.


Here are tips to be aware of to make your makeover a complete success:

Hair & Eyelashes

Hair is overlooked often because of the fact it isn’t considered the right way. Hair should be viewed as what essentially presents facial features, almost like a frame to a picture. If your hairstyle isn’t promoting your facial features the right way then you should take the time to look into options and see which ones do.


In addition to hair, consider doing something with your eyelashes as well. Eyelash extensions can really pull together a look and land your image exactly where you want it to be.


There are some who like to keep a full natural look, which is fine, but don’t be afraid to at least test the waters and see what makeup can do to your appearance. There are several different varieties of style that can compliment the kind of appearance you are trying to accomplish.


Whether it’s a look of sophistication or natural there are ways to apply just enough makeup to enhance these looks. Take the time to talk with someone who works with cosmetic products and test it out, as a worst-case scenario the only thing that will have been wasted is time.


The development of a new image should come a different choice of clothing attire. Whatever kind of appearance you are aiming for, tie your clothing around it to help support the image.


In other cases it can be far more generic and simply be the fact that the clothes you currently have are worn out and need to be replaced. Consider clothing choices that “feel comfortable” versus “fit you as they should”. Make choices based on promoting the new you.


Accessories are the final step toward completing your makeover. Once you get finished with addressing the above take some time to add little small things to complete your new image. This can be a set of particular earrings, bracelets, a fun accessory for your hair, or something completely not mentioned.


The idea of a makeover is to change your look, sure, but even more importantly, to have fun while you do it. Accessories are the chance to get really creative with finalizing your image. Have fun with it.

Enjoy the New You

Once you complete a makeover make sure that you are confident. The entire idea behind a makeover is a new image, but also a new mind set. Embrace a makeover for everything it’s meant to be and enjoy. You can learn more by visiting Sugarlash.

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